New Collection Summer 23


Our brand is based on small capsule collections, limited editions that we launch monthly, adapting to the tastes and needs of our customers, always thinking about the perfect union between design and comfort.

My Own Dress

One pattern, various prints.

With which one do you identify more?

There is no summer withour a printed dress!

Peto Lover

Our summer best seller returns this season in three colours: navy blue, sand and light green.

This is our most special garment because it has marked our way forward.

Comfywear Reimagined

Comfywear Revolution

Feeling comfortable with ourselves is what makes us beautiful and free.

Through Mauss, we want to reach the essence of each one, the best version of ourselves, without being afraid of showing who you are.

Our garments are designed to equaly make us feel and look good, regardless of the environment we are in or where we use them.

Stay comfy, feel gorgeous!

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